Welcome to Los Bangeles 🌴 – Cover Art.

EP release

Client: Los Bangeles.

Los Bangeles fam released their EP with high quality sounds from members like DaggerDX, JAËL, Lee Funksta, Cinta5oul and Totem.

I remember my cuz Dagger DX connected me last year talking about me providing him artwork for the EP, but in a way that I’ve never explored before.

I had a hard time, but was madly excited as well. I decided to take a leap and make an artwork without linework.

It was one of the most fun artworks I’ve done that year and discovered a lot of new tools and skillsets that I have been using all year, ever since I finished this artwork.

Like using the illustrator blob tool, I actually learned how to work with that since this illustration. 

Pushing yourself into new ways of working always gives you new insights, not only regarding art, life as well!