Julien Mier – Industries In The Trees LP

Album Cover

Client: Julien Mier
Artist: Julien Mier
Album: Industries In The Trees

This is my third album artwork for my dear friend Julien Mier!

Some might know him as his moniker Santpoort, but Julien has been working on his album for a few years, making this the crown on his overall work.

And truly, I must say, it’s an honour to develop this cover art for a musical gem like this one.

Thank you once again Julien!

Julien: “4 years is what it took to complete Industries In The Trees.

An album inspired by the destruction of the environment and a kinetic energy that comes along with society and inventions.

It’s a portrait of nature’s complex pattern and tries to craft a serene and melancholic scent in the chaotic twirling and rummaging landslide of organic and manmade objects.

To give the music a finite touch, it degrades in a cascade of eroding instruments and tiptoes between the electronic and acoustic manipulation of sounds.

Melodies written in the digital realm are being transposed to real instruments and re-processed afterwards in the digital world where it currently sits.”