Title: Unity

These are my writings to understand more about being. I also understand that I’m absolutely ignorant, so don’t take these words of thought as Truth.

All of us have the exact same essence, but personal experiences plus programming by our parents, caretakers, and their whole line of ancestry, create ‘identity’.

Identity has a hierarchical layered structure which ranking is fluid.

How a layer is ranked depends on the (social) surroundings you find yourself in, creating a tinted lens that you see the world through.

Due to the passage of time we experience, due to our experiences we create identity, and through the lens of identity we perceive ‘reality‘.

In short:

We perceive reality through the lens of the dominant layer of identity that is created by experiences and heritage.

But is that true self?

Are You the collection of specific experiences that you cling onto?
Or are You the center that is surrounded by this collection?

If we strip ourselves from all our experiences, who are we really?

If we look deep inside ourselves and truly understand who we are, why we are and how our layers of identities came to be, we will also truly understand The Other.

The Other, being the one whose lens is turned differently.

So, your identity and it’s layers exist due to interpretation of every event in your personal history, ‘good’ and/or ‘bad’.

Understand that most of those experiences you’ve witnessed, has been perceived through the lens of your dominant identity layer at that time.

If you understand how your identity works, you will understand that the identity of ‘The Other’ is constructed exactly the same as well.

When our eyes are turned inwards, we will recognise The Other, as same. 

At that moment, there will be no place for judgement, only empathy and acceptance.

And ultimately,