Old Future Folk #5

May 2019.

I’m often fascinated how tribalism works these days.

We see people stand strong by their ideologies, choosing sides, convinced by their truths. We see some of us being against all form of stereotypes and categories, therefor they create all new stereotypes and categories, convinced that everybody needs to be accepted, except the people that won’t accept. Us vs. Them.

Fighting for full acceptance, accepting all except the ones that don’t accept.

It’s funny but isn’t full acceptance also accepting the ones that don’t accept you and your beliefs?

But how does that work tho, when in the end the opposite of our beliefs are true? What if that truth isn’t true either. Aren’t our beliefs at this moment just a reflection of us in this moment? Isn’t life, emotion, character, beliefs all ever changing, fluctuating?

Isn’t that just beautiful?

Is there a place for reconsideration in this era, or in future era’s? Is there anything wrong with being wrong? Is there anything wrong with regret and acknowledging ignorance?

Is there a way to be more flexible with our beliefs and ideologies and accept that we know absolutely nothing?

What is wrong with being truly humble?
What is the truth actually?
Is there even one single truth?

Ah well, so many questions, not enough answers, not enough time.

I guess I don’t have much of a choice but to observe, feel and keep learning, eventually to ask better questions.