become a true Illustrator wizard

Plowing through Adobe Illustrator tutorials without proper results? Or maybe you want to be more efficient with illustrator.

Let me guide you through your personal Illustrator journey and become quick and adept without training wheels, catered to your needs!

Join my 1-on-1 four week course!

Every week for one hour, we delve deep into your world of vectors, anchor points and Bézier handles to professionalize your career as a vector creative, or to simply create beautiful vector artwork more efficiently.

Adobe Illustrator takes time to learn and you learn best by doing! Are you ready to master those anchor points and vectors?

Only four spots available each month!

Available soon!

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Personal attention

During the four week course you’ll have one hour of my full and undivided attention.


Together, we’ll find out what you need and take your Illustrator journey to the next level.

Daily check-in

Daily feedback via email to answer your questions.


Work at my studio
(in Rotterdam, NL)
or from the comfort of your own home.


More fun and less frustration learning the best vector drawing program in the world.

Rather learn in a group?

Book a two-day group training Adobe Illustrator Beginner or Adobe Illustrator Advanced at Competence Factory in Utrecht (Netherlands only).

Since 2018 I’ve guided hundreds of people with their first steps in to the world of vector art.

Join us and be one of the happy creatives according to 300+ positive testimonials on the Competence Factory website!

Available data for 2024

Adobe Illustrator Beginner

– 2 July
– 3 September
– 6 September
– 18 October
– 6 November
– 22 November

Adobe Illustrator Advanced

– 16 May
– 4 July
– 22 August
– 10 October

Frequently asked questions (faq)
Enter your email in the sign-up form on my website, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
If you are only able to take online coaching, then you should be familiar with basic tools in Adobe Illustrator, such as the Selection tool, Direct Selection tool, Pen tools, and Anchor Point tools.
Yes, but for complete beginners, coaching sessions are only possible in my studio to closely monitor progress and correct any errors in real-time.
Definitely. No matter your skill level, my extensive experience and professional insight can help improve your work. Yet, I’ll focus on enhancing your style, rather than teach you mine. 
It depends on your existing drawing skills. I’ve been drawing for 30 years and using Adobe Illustrator for 20 years. Improvement takes time, but I’ll focus on enhancing your style rather than teaching you mine.
Absolutely. After an initial intake conversation, we’ll tailor the sessions to what you want to learn and achieve.
Your engagement and determination are key. Customized homework assignments will be provided weekly to match your skill level.
While I can’t offer specific examples, the coaching will explore various tools, techniques, and tricks. My online testimonials speak to my effective guidance.
You’ll get one daily response to your emailed questions from 9 AM to 9 PM CET, as I’m based in the Netherlands.
Yes, we can meet in my Rotterdam studio or connect via Facetime or Microsoft Teams.
Due to my tight schedule, missed appointments will be charged. The course runs for four consecutive weeks, unless otherwise agreed.
Certainly! The base package is four weeks, but you can add more weeks in as needed.
Group classes are managed by Competence Factory, and we follow their structured approach using worksheets and templates. For more information, feel free to contact me or Competence Factory directly.

Join my 1-on-1 four week course!

Available soon!

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Adobe Illustrator group course

At Competence Factory