Commercial: Eurostar ‘Together we go further’
Noir #12 – ‘Alma’
Noir #11 – ‘Diana’
Noir #10 – ‘Alice’
Noir #9 – ‘Diane’ by Art Pepper
Noir #4 – ‘Dinah’ by Chet Baker
NOIR #3 – ‘Laura’ by Charlie Parker
NOIR #2 – ‘Patricia’ by Art Pepper
NOIR #1 – ‘Miyako’ by Wayne Shorter
Kendrick Lamar – ‘Swimmingpools’
Metro010 – ‘2050: City As Playground’
Gin Chong & The Family
Dura Vermeer: Sportcampus Rotterdam
Bless & The family
LP: Kofi The Unknown – The Late Bloomer
Pandaboy – Green Shades EP
Visual poem – The mango tree
HipHopHuis – Aspire To Inspire Campaign
Leiden University Social Media Campaign
Jean-Luc Picard
Mike Ehrmantraut
Old Future Folk #5
Old Future Folk #2
Old Future Folk #1
Animation Mahmut Orhan ft. Irina Rimes – Schhh / Schweppes
Killing Skills – YouTube Player
Thought, word, deed.
BEAT ‘M UP Beat Battles
Jesse Caron – Apekooi 2
Julien Mier – Industries In The Trees LP
Welcome to Los Bangeles 🌴 – Cover Art.
Make-A-Scene Campaign
HANUMAN – Heritage Series
BARONG – Heritage Series
RANGDA – Heritage Series
The Breed – Smunchiiez
Custom Artwork – Kakhiel
ASO – Two/Seven EP
Applepie: Rooftop Party at DÂK 2017
Chillhop Essentials LP: Summer 2017
Chillhop Essentials LP: Spring 2017
‘Opgewonden Confetti Tour’ Social media banners
The Scenario Flyer February ’17: Tyler The Creator
The Scenario Flyer December ’16: 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY
Jesse Caron Promo illustration
JAMROCK Flyer November
The Scenario Flyer October ’16: NAS
Flyer HipHopCafé Grounds Rotterdam 2016
The Scenario Flyer June ’16: Queen Latifah
Applepie: Rooftop Party at DÂK 2016
The Scenario Flyer June ’16: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
The Scenario Flyer April ’16: Rihanna
The Scenario Flyer February ’16: LL Cool J
Rumble in da Jungle – Nieuwe Luxor Rotterdam
The Scenario Flyer October ’15: Snoop Dogg
Beats for Change Show #32 – Step Off The Block Mix with Kenny Keys
One Greene – Rollies & Champagne
JAMROCK Flyer 2015
The Scenario Flyer June ’15: A$AP Rocky
Beats for Change Show #31 – White Rhino Mix with SOUL_BRK
Nieuwe Revu – Festival survival tips by Schorem: Bertus
ENCORE Festival Photo Wall 2015 – Rae Sremmurd
Nieuwe Revu – De lange arm van Poetin
Nieuwe Revu – Driverless car
Nieuwe Revu – GMO
The Scenario Flyer April ’15: Mos Def
Nieuwe Revu – Legalise it
Beats for Change Presents: Kaeyae Alo – Thoughts
Nieuwe Revu Magazine – Gay Airlines
Julien Mier – Out of The Cloud Album Cover
Nieuwe Revu Magazine – Voice Imitator
Nieuwe Revu Magazine – Sugar Daddy
Nieuwe Revu Magazine – Coke Killer
Beats for Change x SoundBoarding x The Mint presents: The Ramen Skate Sessions EP
Van Gogh Museum T-Shirt design “A Portrait”
Beats for Change Show #28: Negus World Mix with DJ Tribo
The Scenario Flyer August ’14: Missy Elliot
ENCORE flyer July ’14
Beats for Change Show #27: The Change Heroes Mix with DJ Jon Oliver
Beats for Change Show #25: The Masbia Soup Kitchen Mix with DJ Lu-Chi’sz
ENCORE flyer April ’14
The Scenario Flyer April ’14: Andre 3000
ENCORE flyer Feb ’14
Beats for Change Show #24: The Exodus Road Mix ft. Dagger D.X.
Beats for Change Show #21: Landfill Harmonics Mix Ft. Cascade Records (Sal Martin) + Julien Mier
Beats for Change Show #20: Beat Making Lab Tribute ft. Apple Juice Kid from Beat Making Lab
Beats for Change show #16: The Science Genius Mix
Beats for Change show #15: The DJ Trike Mix
TreZure Empire – You Won’t Hurt Me
HEF Papierwerk stage
3AAA Flyer
Beats for Change show # 13: No Assumptions Mix
Tattoo design Ivan Winter