Beats for Change Show #30 – Muhammad Yunus Mix with ‘mfp’

Client: Beats For Change
Dedication: Muhammad Yunus

As we are hugely inspired by the social economic changes made by Nobel peace prize winner Muhammad Yunus with his business model called Social Business and the concept of ‘Micro-loans’ and ‘Microfinance’ with Grameen Foundation, we wanted to let our ‘scene’ know who this guy is!

Muhammad Yunus constructed business models, concepts and social businesses to start up a business where social prosperity is considered as the only profit and free of dividends. He teamed up with companies like Adidas and Danone to create shoes and vitamin-loaded yoghurts for the people in Bangladesh to reduce illness and deaths.

As always we have a guest on the show and this time we are honoured to work with amazing Japanese/Melbourne producer ‘mfp’!

More about Muhammad Yunus HERE..