Beats for Change show #15: The DJ Trike Mix

Client: Beats For Change
Dedication: The DJ Trike

Jonathan Igharas is a DJ. A mobile DJ from Vancouver, on his Trike, the DJ Trike.

Everywhere Jonathan and his Trike goes, he can step off and start a party. And he knows how to build a crow. The people notice the spontaneous outburst of pretty airwaves from miles away and decide to join the fiesta.

Now he got a kickstarter up in the air to raise money and produce The DJ Trike 2.0. When he’s done he’ll take the baby for a spin from Vancouver all the way down to L.A. Just to cause little riots of unplanned pleasure.

More DJ Trike here.

Show #15 – The DJ Trike Mix by Beats For Change on Mixcloud