Animation Mahmut Orhan ft. Irina Rimes – Schhh / Schweppes

Client: Schweppes Turkey
Music: Mahmut Orhan
Production: Young Gunz.
Animation/Co-Direction: John Beckers.
(Art)Direction, illustration and storyline: Marvin Bruin.

We developed this videoclip for Turkish producer Mahmut Orhan and softdrink company Schweppes Turkey in 2017.

The videoclip is based on my third Noir piece (Laura) and has reached 14+ million views on YouTube!

The plot revolves around exploring the aftermath and the origins of a failed romantic relationship, but it’s told in a unique and compelling manner: in reverse chronological order. 

The story begins with a woman deeply engulfed in the sorrow of her heartbreak, lying alone in her bed.

From there, the narrative takes us on a journey backwards in time, ascending a metaphorical staircase that allows us to witness the key moments and the unraveling of her relationship with her partner. 

As we move backward through their shared experiences, the reasons behind their relationship’s demise become clear. 

Finally, reaching the initial steps of our backward journey, we witness the beginning of their relationship, full of promise and hope, contrasting sharply with its eventual end.