Old Future Folk #4

MAY 2019

Making this one I was thinking about how we will grow old with social media and future technologies.

Seeing 12-year olds using instagram is exciting man. Being from the 80’s I recall ringing doorbells to ask if my friends are home to go play outside and physically turn the dail when I needed to make a call, stuck to a wire.

Good old times.

We all know that ever since social media is a huge part of society, depression has risen; comparing our lives to unrealistic timelines of others.

Will we ever turn these numbers around and learn how to deal with this ego inflating piece of technology?

Or is confrontation with self through social media neccesary to realise we have more work to do, so we will?

I would lie if I told you that social media doesn’t affect my mood every now and then.

But these dips occur less and less frequently ever since the realization came that I’ll still be able to physically breath, laugh, love, taste, see, smell, hear and feel wether being liked, commented on and followed or not.

I’m feeling thankful for being able to fully understand that experiencing sadness is positive, or else feeling happiness wouldn’t be possible.

Let’s make social media work for you, not the other way around