Old Future Folk #3

May 2019.

I’m enjoying making these Old Future Folk series man, and happy to see you guys do too! So much gratitude!

That being said, I was watching that new Streetfood documentary on Netflix and saw these beautiful elders in Yogyakarta and Osaka. Did you see it? Go check it, it’s dope.

But that ikigai spirit in combination with the warmth and love these people have for their craft, community and customers is deeply touching.

That made me think tho; as A.I. and machine learning will do our labor, how are we going to strive towards having a ‘meaningful’ life?

Will we spend more time creating, resting on top of Maslow’s pyramid?

Or will we be a generation that’s globally picking our nose on the porch, being bored out of our minds?

As computers are taking over the next few years, I bet now is the time to start getting skilled.

Any form of retiring is overrated tho imo, if you love what you do that is, and were smart with your profits haha.

(And how many generations has depended on retiring at 65+ again?)

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that I’m a big dummy and I know absolutely nothing, but I got a gut feeling that the old cliché forever will be true: Follow your heart and heart your followers; get yo ikigai on bruh. Love you all my sweet sweet followers

Ah well, I’m going to eat my day and start some Netflix on streetfood.