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Animation Mahmut Orhan ft. Irina Rimes – Schhh / Schweppes

Clients: Young Gunz Muzic / Schweppes Turkey .

Production: Mike Elderenbosch / Young Gunz Muzic.
Animation/Co-Direction: John Beckers.
(Art)Direction, illustration and visual storyline: Marvin Bruin.

We developed this videoclip for Turkish producer Mahmut Orhan and softdrink company Schweppes Turkey.

The commission came from the guys at Young Gunz Muzic who made all of this happen, and in the end I’m super happy they did!

Yes, I say in the end, because I became ChunkyTom Cruise in Mission Impossible only with more sweat and hanging on a tight pouring string of strong espresso that went right into my face.


Because initially they gave us three weeks to complete a three minute animation, that needed to be made from absolute scratch…

Now let me tell you man, making three minutes in animation-land with only two people is like pushing your Fiat towards the next habitable planet. It takes a while.

And for me, this being my first time directing and making a videoclip… This was like going to surf in Portugal when you only just tamed the waves at the local swimming pool at the kiddy section. Or like spontaneous climbing Mount Everest having only practiced here in Holland.

In short: I wasn’t prepared. At all.

But I climbed it anyway tho!

With the help (and at times guidance) of top notch animator John Beckers and the tight communication with Mike Elderenbosch from Young Gunz we made this project happen!

Now 6.3 million views later:
I’m very happy we did accept this job and am very much up to the task again! There has been many things learned and so many things I want to improve for the future, but nonetheless I’m still stoked about this job!

Go take a look yourself and press play if you haven’t already.