Welcome to Sam City!

Client: Sam Zipursky.

My homie @samzipursky gave me one hell of a birthday gift this year, to return the favor, I’m making him a custom 120x150cm piece for his new loft in Vancouver!

I was happy to hear my homie @samzipursky is loving the piece and is working towards getting it printed! ❤️🙏🏽

This one is an exclusive, but I will be making more of these cities in the future and I’m very happy to make these on commission for your interior, living room, office, airBnB, or any other place that needs a colorful skyline. DM me for prices starting at €250 and up.

Had a ton of fun tho drawing in this new found style and felt very liberated by working sloppy but with a certain way of accuracy. I tried to give it as much depth as possible with a limited amount of colours and layers.

When feeling stuck or having a creative block I recommend reaching out of your comfort zone and create something very unintuitive. It works.

As my friend wanted more abstract work I decided to make an abstract city scape where I use a flat blob brush within illustrator with a fixed color palette and tried to avoid the cmd-z buttons. Instead I ‘painted’ over the error.

Sam is an experienced traveller and entrepeneur, exploring the world and mostly goes back and forth between Vancouver, Japan and Mexico. He wanted an abstract piece that reflected his favourite city vibes.

Good for me because I actually love experimenting with different styles as my art mostly consists of character based work, as you might know. Stepping outside the comfort zone always result in newly found techniques that you can implement within your existing handwriting or create a whole new pseudonym, who knows and why not?