True Self 3/3

This one right here is exactly what I experienced during my first DMT-exploration, one year ago. It took me all this time to really visualise it. I couldn’t understand it, I still don’t understand shit. All I know was that it was more real than real.

The lines and colours, coming together in a donut shape, were in motion, pulsating, vibrating with light, moving like clockwork. It is alive. It was a short glimpse, like putting your head into a pond to see what’s underwater, but my breath ran short. I wanted to explore this realm, but I couldn’t as my body was attached to myself.

Altho I felt this is a small introduction to something greater, somehow my experience is resonating as personal truth ever since. I have greater feeling that all is one. To me, you are me, I am you, we are from the same source. There is no real self.

The second trip was even more mindblowing, I encountered a realer than real flower-octupus kind of lifeform that reassured me that it was responsible for my being and that all will be allright. Maybe in another year I’ll be ready to draw that one haha. ——
Ever since my trips I feel more connected with existence, reassured, fearless.

Don’t get it twisted tho, DMT intakes were very scary to me. But in the end the main fear, fear of death has been eradicated.

I feel intensely grateful to be alive tho, it’s an amazing journey to experience all our dualities.