Kendrick Lamar – ‘Swimmingpools’

Private Commission

Title: Swimmingpools
Size: 61x91cm 
Material: Hahnemuhler museum rag. 300gsm. Epsom ultrachrome ink.

  • One of a kind print. 
  • All project files are deleted. 

Gin Chong & The Family

Private Commission

Martijn Bless and the family

Private Commision

Welcome to Sam City!

Client: Sam Zipursky.

My homie @samzipursky gave me one hell of a birthday gift this year, to return the favor, I’m making him a custom 120x150cm piece for his new loft in Vancouver!

I was happy to hear my homie @samzipursky is loving the piece and is working towards getting it printed!… Read the rest


Client: Guido Richson

My bruv Guido helped me out big time last year as he wanted a commissioned piece for his new apartment.

We both had a big breakthrough DMT trip a few weeks before, that blew our minds (and still does for me.).

To honour that moment I took my own visions and blend it with his interpretation of his journey, even though I’m sure it doesn’t come close to it’s beauty.… Read the rest

Ella Portrait

Client: Elten Kiene

Personal commission for Elten Kiene.

Custom Artwork – Kakhiel

Client: Kakhiel

Kakhiel, besides being a Dutch internet phenomenon he is my oldest friend and brother.

Kakhiel asked me to design a custom canvas design for his new house, requesting a skyline of some sort. So I did!

Click View More below to see the canvas hanging!


Client: VPRO Dorst

Illustration for the article by Ome Omar aka Omar Dahmani.

Read the article here.

UPC Election Promo’s

Client: UPC

Elect your favorite movie at the UPC Elections! I took care of 10 Shepard Fairey-inspired 2D illustrations in this campaign.

The full election animation for David from Prometheus is here.

Click View More for 9 more movie-characters that got Fairied including: Johnny Depp, Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, Kristen Stewart and more.… Read the rest

Cover Adformatie

Client: Adformatie

The top notch Dutch advertising magazine Adformatie asked for a cover that was a metaphor for: “Who is the next top manager for SBS and TMG?”.

What’s more straight to the point that the nostalgic board game ‘Who is it?’

Assignment provided by Shop Around

Here’s the full resolution image.… Read the rest

Illustration Adformatie

Client: Adformatie

In support of writer Ebele Wybenga who wrote an article about the new forms of journalism.

Ebele wanted a revision of the Greek god Hermes.

He got it here.

Tattoo design Ivan Winter

Client: Ivan Winter

The first time -evur- that somebody requested a tattoo design from me.

Ivan Winter wanted a design that contained a carper, an anchor and a kiss.

Check out the result on his forearm here, tatted by Risk Wodas

Superheroes “Let’s Fly”

Client: Superheroes

Their employees gave this piece as an anniversary gift.

Assignment provided by Shop Around

Star Captains T-shirt design

Client: Star Captains


Leyp Dubai T-Shirt

Client: Leyp

Made during internship at Leyp.

“Nee, ik ben je vriend niet.”

Client: VPRO Dorst

In 2010 Dutch broadcasting company VPRO started with an online magazine for young intellectuals: VPRO Dorst.

I was happy to kick this new era off with the very first article.

“No, I’m not your friend.” is an article written and illustrated by yours truly and it’s about the over-friendly shiny-happy-people-attitude that websites were starting to portray at that time.… Read the rest