ENCORE flyer April ’14

Client: Melkweg

April flyer for the ENCORE evening hosted by Melkweg. Assignment through LEYP

Adobe Photoshop PDF

ENCORE flyer Feb ’14

Client: Melkweg

Februari flyer for the ENCORE evening hosted by Melkweg. Assignment through LEYP

Basic CMYK

Beats for Change Show #24: The Exodus Road Mix ft. Dagger D.X.

Dedication: The Exodus Road

Not only is this a crazy guest episode but we’re also really excited to help spread the word about the organization The Exodus Road.

These folks are a nonprofit coalition that empowers freedom from sex slavery through covert investigation and rescue.

Essentially they are doing all they can to combat sex slavery and child prostitution in the streets of South East Asia and beyond. You can learn way more about their team over at www.theexodusroad.com

We’re also really happy to present the guest mix of Dagger D.X.from the crew Los Bangeles.com – We recently did an interview with this producer, DJ, community member and more! You can read the interview here.


Beats for Change Show #21: Landfill Harmonics Mix Ft. Cascade Records (Sal Martin) + Julien Mier

Dedication: Landfill Harmonic

Imagine a philharmonic orchestra made out of garbage. There’s no need for imagination, these guys did it and made a great film about musical creativity that breaks the boundaries of poverty.

Beats for Change teamed up with Cascade Records and Julien Mier to make an insane mix for the team at Landfill Harmonic.

More Landfill Harmonic here.


Beats for Change Show #20: Beat Making Lab Tribute ft. Apple Juice Kid from Beat Making Lab

Dedication: Beat Making Lab

Beats for Change show #20 was dedicated to the wonderful work of Beat Making Lab.

Apple Juice Kid and Pierce Freelon setup music production studios in third world countries all over the world, give a two week crash course workshop and bounce to the next project, leaving all the equipment behind. The crew is followed by broadcasting company PBS.

It was a great honor doing this for them!

More Beat Making Lab here.


Beats for Change show #16: The Science Genius Mix

Dedication: Science Genius Project

This insanely brilliant Professor Christopher Emdin started a project where kids from The Bronx (NY) can get taught science through hiphop and rap: The Science Genius Project.

Professor Emdin is playfully challenging kids to write rhymes with scientific content. And at the end there will be BATTLES!

Dr. Emdin about Beats for Change show #16:

“I am so incredibly humbled that you chose to highlight this project. Both the mix and the art are incredibly dope. I will share them both far and wide. Thanks again for all you do. I will be sure to stay connected.”

More Science Genius here.

Show #16 – The Science Genius Mix by Beats For Change on Mixcloud


Beats for Change show #15: The DJ Trike Mix

Dedication: The DJ Trike

Jonathan Igharas is a DJ. A mobile DJ from Vancouver, on his Trike, the DJ Trike.

Everywhere Jonathan and his Trike goes, he can step off and start a party. And he knows how to build a crow. The people notice the spontaneous outburst of pretty airwaves from miles away and decide to join the fiesta.

Now he got a kickstarter up in the air to raise money and produce The DJ Trike 2.0. When he’s done he’ll take the baby for a spin from Vancouver all the way down to L.A. Just to cause little riots of unplanned pleasure.

More DJ Trike here.

Show #15 – The DJ Trike Mix by Beats For Change on Mixcloud


Pandaboy – Green Shades EP

Client: Pandaboy

This was a huge turning point in my life. Coming from boombap hiphop I wanted to make something that I never did and something that I never heard before. In 2010 I made this album, complete with intro, skits, artwork and an animation!

The title track ‘Green Shades’ has been aired by EVR radio (NY), KCRW (LA), Radio 6 (NL) and more. Even the track ‘My Condoleances’ reached the Jon Oliver’s EVR’s Main Ingredient with Jon Oliver top 20 of 2012. Insane!

Listen to Green Shades on Bandcamp.


TreZure Empire – You Won’t Hurt Me

Client: TreZure Empire

Sweet electric bolts of female vocal power. That’s TreZure Empire. The Brooklyn based vocalist asked for an illustration for her new single release. I gladly delivered.

This is the more ‘sexy’ version.

Click here for the original image.


Animation Pandaboy – Green Shades teaser

Client: Pandaboy

This is me in super saiyan lvl. 3. Three disciplines: Illustration, Animation and Music.
T R I F O R C E.

In the future I want to be active like this forever. The ultimate blend of everything. This is my gem.


Nickelodeon - Welkom in mijn keuken - leader

“Welkom in mijn Keuken” theme song

Clients: Nickelodeon and Albert Heijn

Animation and Design:John Beckers
Music Production: Marvin Bruin
Vocals: Marvin Bruin and Alona van Rosmalen


Home is wherever I’m with you

Client: The love of my life.

My lady just reached another era of her life.
She deserved some extra attention.

Like always.



Client: Florian Vermeulen

Cover design for the debut film from director Florian Vermeulen.

The short movie is about a Moroccan barber that claims he’s from Jupiter. He’s just trying to be interesting, right?

Starring: Salah Edin and Mo’hamed Cherqi
Watch Jupiter’s trailer here.


HEF Papierwerk stage

Client: Hiphopworld

I had the pleasure to design the backdrops for one of the most popular rappers in The Netherlands on flipflops: Hef.

The man released his album ‘Papierwerk’ during Buma Beats festival with a big champagne popping show.

Here’s a capture of the event.



For sale at Gallery Majke Husstege.

Creative production company Shop Around asked me to join PopJugend; their stand at the Blooom art fair in Cologne. Shop Around gathered a few artists they represented who made characters out of ordinary things.

As I’m heavily involved with music I made a character out of an old time tapedeck.

This Facedeck is for sale at Majke Husstege’s newly added concept store ‘Outspoken’.

Here a little video impression.

Click ‘View More’ to view more.


3AAA Flyer

Client: Pop’arazzi

Assignment provided by Leyp


Beats for Change show # 13: No Assumptions Mix

Dedication: The talented homeless

This edition was about the awareness that crazy homeless people may be looked down upon, but there are ones with insane crazy talent. This dedication was inspired by the beautiful story of Nathaniel Ayers, the homeless schizophrenic artist.

Toronto’s DJ/Producer/Label-owner Mr. Merge joined Beats for Change and provided this thought and a killer guest mix.

Show #13 – "No Assumptions Mix" with Mr. Merge by Beats For Change on Mixcloud


Tattoo design Ivan Winter

Client: Ivan Winter

The first time -evur- that somebody requested a tattoo design from me.

Ivan Winter wanted a design that contained a carper, an anchor and a kiss.

Check out the result on his forearm here, tatted by Risk Wodas